Katelyn and Ryan {married} Oklahoma City Wedding Video

Ryan & Katelyn {Always Be My Love} Wedding Film from Hunter Meek on Vimeo.

Ryan and Katelyn were married May 12, 2012 at Hallbrooke in Norman, OK. The day started out with just a tiiiiny chance of rain, so we weren't really worried about it, even though the wedding was going to be outside. The day was going really smoothly all the way up until everyone was seated outside and...it start to RAIN! Everyone just scurried into the dry clubhouse to wait it out. I decided to look at the weather radar app on my phone, and saw that out of the entire STATE, there was literally one miniscule speck of green on the radar. I think we were literally under the one cloud that decided to be a jerk and rain. BUT - I have to say that both Katelyn and Ryan (and all the family and guests, for that matter) handled it better than you could imagine. They didn't seem to have a care in the world! I think they were just so happy to be marrying each other they didn't mind a slight hiccup! Sure enough, the rain stopped shortly thereafter and the show was back on the road! The ceremony was followed by a great reception in the Hallbrooke clubhouse, which included a surprise, awesome, choreographed first dance by the bride and groom. After all kinds of outstanding food, cake, dancing, crazy photobooth pictures, balcony boquet tossing, laughing, speeches and much more...it was time for the happy couple to make their grand exit...on a Harley!

All-in-all, this was truly a great wedding that was full of love, fun, and great family and friends.

Congrats to Ryan and Katelyn!