Addyson & Annabelle {Brand New}

I recently became an uncle to two new incredible, precious, awesome, sweet, tiny baby humans. They are cousins and they are pretty much tied for the best thing I've ever seen/held. They both came just a tad early, but the good news is that both babies and mommas are home and healthy! I would say this is definitely the closest encounter I have had with brand spankin' new babies and they just blow me away! I feel like it truly takes your awe of God to a whole new level.

Gosh...listen to'd think they were MY kids! What in the world am I going to do when I actually have my own?! Probably hold them and look into their eyes and never put them down for one second and bite anyone that comes near me like a rabid pit bull. Either that or I will hand them off to my wife as soon as I hear/smell the first dungbomb explosion. Anyway, I'm rambling. I can guarantee there will be many, many, many more pictures of these 2 sweet babychilds in the near future. {AND VIDEO TOO!}

Without further ado...please welcome Addyson & Annabelle (cousins) to the crazy planet of Earth.