Fun at the Fair '14

I always get super pumped to go to the state fair. The people watching (seriously, I'm not sure where these people come the state penitentiaries do field trips?), the outrageous amount of fried everything (quinoa and kale chips not welcome), the atmosphere and enjoying the cooler weather (what's up with it raining every single opening weekend? It's like somehow the scurrying around setting everything up is some kind of carnie rain dance). But I build it up in my mind so much that it almost always lets me down. 

This year wouldn't have been any different except for one thing: the kids! I got to take Sully for the first time, and his cousins all came along too. The food was a letdown (fried gator that tasted like chewing a hunk of tire you'd find on the side of the highway - seriously I'd have been better off wipin' my hind end with that $8). The people watching was okay, except the whole time I felt like I was going to catch some sort of deadly communicable disease. I have to admit, the weather was awesome. But above all that, what really made it worthwhile was seeing the kids' eyes get wide when they saw the lights, the rides, and the games.

That's one of the many things I've learned during my short time as a parent so far. It doesn't really matter as much how you feel about something, but seeing your kids happy, makes you happy.

Here are a few pics. I especially love the one of all the kids where I said "EVERYONE LOOK AT ME!" and made a bunch of crazy you can see, I was 0 for 4.