Auston & Talia {Engaged}

I recently got the opportunity to take some pictures at a friend's surprise proposal, and it was definitely a surprise. Talia had NO idea and you can tell by the look on her face! Once she realized what was going on, she didn't stop smiling for one second! I had a great time and I'm super happy for these two incredibly awesome people! 

Blaine & Paige (engaged)

My older sister called me recently to tell me she was engaged. Of course, I was excited and my wife and I started asking a million questions. Naturally, my main selfish concern was "Am I going to be in it?!" I wasn't sure what the answer would be...but I definitely didn't expect to hear this: "Well...we were kind of hoping you would perform the ceremony." SAAAAY WHAAAAAAA???! That's right. Once she convinced me she wasn't kidding, she also said she and Blaine wanted me to take some engagement pics for them, which of course I was happy to do. It was a tad bit warm outside, but they are just so dang cool, it totally offset the heat. HA! In all seriousness, we had a blast and I can't wait to have a new member of the fam!






Mark & Ally (engaged)

I've been friends with Mark since we were drinking Squeeze-Its and eating Fruit Roll-Ups while playing Sega Genesis. I mean it when I say he is a great guy, and I'm super happy for him and Ally as they get ready to tie the knot! I'm actually going to be in their wedding, and I'm PUMPED! I also may do the videography, as long as I can get enough help, since I'll be fulfilling my groomsman duties to the best of my abilities haha! Here are a few shots from a little session we did the other day for their save-the-date.