Auston & Talia {Engaged}

I recently got the opportunity to take some pictures at a friend's surprise proposal, and it was definitely a surprise. Talia had NO idea and you can tell by the look on her face! Once she realized what was going on, she didn't stop smiling for one second! I had a great time and I'm super happy for these two incredibly awesome people! 

Cody, Maggie & Mowgli

I had a blast shooting some pictures for an old friend of mine and his daughter Maggie. She brought along the puppy she had gotten for Valentine's Day, named Mowgli. It's cool seeing a father/daughter combo like these two who have so much fun together! Throw in a new puppy, and if you don't want a daughter and a dog by the end of this post, I'm going to assume there is a brick where your heart is supposed to be.


I recently had the opportunity to take some pictures of Ryder for his parents. He was such a great kid! You never know how a 2-year-old will be during a photoshoot, but he was having fun - rocking out on his guitar and pretty much just being hilarious! One of the best parts of what I do is being able to meet such outstanding people and this family was awesome! I think my favorite pic might be the one with the upside down sign and eyes closed - SO FUNNY!