Give thanks

"I'm thankful for my son's happiness. I challenge anyone to stay in a bad mood or be grumpy after that boy smiles or laughs at you. His positive energy is infectious and I'm thankful for that every single day. Also, I'm thankful for Samaje Perine. I don't think I even need to explain I right?"

"First of all, I'm thankful for God, above everything. After that, I'm thankful that I've been able to watch my kids grow up."

"I'm so thankful for the supportive community and my sweet friends for their continued support over the last few weeks as they got to see me stand up and walk again using the ReWalk Robotic Exoskeleton. I'm beyond thankful to stand up and hug my family eye to eye again after 11 difficult years."

"I'm thankful that we have 109 dogs here today. It pays the bills."

"I'm thankful for these cuties. They bring me joy and make me laugh every day. Everyone needs a cat or two in their life."

"This year brought us a precious gift and blessing. We're infinitely thankful for our sweet Emory who was born in September. He's a healthy, handsome boy that has shown us how to love beyond measure."

"As we look back on this year, our little family has had to overcome huge trials and tragedy. This has allowed us to find greater meaning in the things we are thankful for. This year, we're so thankful for the gift of life. Each one is such a precious gift and we're especially grateful for the three little lives that our family was blessed with and the impact they each had on numerous people. We are so very thankful for our miracle baby, Emma Kate, and the strength and courage God gave her to survive and fight through 129 days in the NICU. We are thankful for the impact of her life on so many people that we witnessed daily, and the renewal of people's faith and belief in God. We are also thankful for the medical staff at Mercy hospital that kept our girl safe and fought along side her day and night. And lastly, we are so thankful beyond belief, for the countless friends, family, and strangers who shared in our triumphs and trials, who prayed with deep compassion, and loved us beyond measure. We end this year with humility and gratitude for all we have been given. Our God is powerful and has never left our side. We are thankful to be called His children, and this year that has an even greater meaning."

"I'm thankful for my family... especially this guy. 99 years old yesterday. I'm thankful that my 16 month old daughter got to dance to jazz at his retirement community... And she got to kiss him and tell him she loves him. Top 10 moments..."

"One word: MILKBONES! Or is that two words? I'm still working on my spelling. I'm also thankful for my little brother's tasty pacifiers. And for my mom and dad...they still love me even when I toot out loud and be naughty like that time I ate a whole loaf of bread."

Fun at the Fair '14

I always get super pumped to go to the state fair. The people watching (seriously, I'm not sure where these people come the state penitentiaries do field trips?), the outrageous amount of fried everything (quinoa and kale chips not welcome), the atmosphere and enjoying the cooler weather (what's up with it raining every single opening weekend? It's like somehow the scurrying around setting everything up is some kind of carnie rain dance). But I build it up in my mind so much that it almost always lets me down. 

This year wouldn't have been any different except for one thing: the kids! I got to take Sully for the first time, and his cousins all came along too. The food was a letdown (fried gator that tasted like chewing a hunk of tire you'd find on the side of the highway - seriously I'd have been better off wipin' my hind end with that $8). The people watching was okay, except the whole time I felt like I was going to catch some sort of deadly communicable disease. I have to admit, the weather was awesome. But above all that, what really made it worthwhile was seeing the kids' eyes get wide when they saw the lights, the rides, and the games.

That's one of the many things I've learned during my short time as a parent so far. It doesn't really matter as much how you feel about something, but seeing your kids happy, makes you happy.

Here are a few pics. I especially love the one of all the kids where I said "EVERYONE LOOK AT ME!" and made a bunch of crazy you can see, I was 0 for 4.